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Blue House Films is a full service production company run by a team of experienced producers, filmmakers and editors.

Based in Beirut, our team has deep roots in news, documentary and commercial filmmaking community, with extensive experience in, and access to the local film infrastructure.

Blue House can provide collaboration or support for news, documentary, current affairs and factual entertainment projects from pre to post production.







What we offer

Our documentary production team is one of the best in the region. We executed and produced documentaries for significant TV channels such as BBC, Channel 4, Guardian Online, and Al-Jazeera. Our documentaries included exclusive material that requires special access to content and locations. The produced content was impartial in the way it presented and synthesized.

We create all kinds of content and formats for online platforms and TV programs including brainstorming ideas, case hunting, and script writing. The final content is then delivered to the client.

We manage all the necessary services including pre-production (concept – story board – script writing…) to production (shooting – equipment – production management…), till post-production services (editing & coloring – 2D compositing and animation – 3D animation…). All production formats are mastered by our team including corporate videos, short movies, TV commercials, and even infographic animation.

We provide services for producers, agencies, and TV stations to produce any kind of video production with different range of prices and qualities depending on the project and its budget.

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